D-Wade, Capri Pants and Doing Awesome..

Dwyane Wade.  What does he have to do with me?  One thing leads to another and now, he is part of my blog post.  Allow me to set the stage.  The other day, Wade who is a shooting guard/point guard for the Miami Heat (that’s basketball for those who don’t follow) showed up at Game 4 of the Eastern Conference semifinals wearing skinny capri pants. He pulled it off with a double-breasted jacket and a pair of loafers, less the socks.  It became the talk of sports radio and while it was a bit different, I thought it was bold and daring and I liked it.

This leads me to Mike & Mike on ESPN Radio.  Mike Greenberg decided to give this outfit a test drive with items from his own wardrobe.  He almost pulled it off except it works best with skinny capri pants.  I digress!

I know, where is this going? Stay with me. I am sure this is not new and I must have been out of the loop but Mike said something that caught my attention: wake up, be awesome, go to bed.  Not sure if Wade follows this mantra but I would change it to “wake up, “do” awesome, go to bed.  What do you think?

So, my challenge for you is to “do” awesome this week.  I plan to send mail to several young kids at my church.  Who doesn’t like receiving something special in the mail?  I sent a card to a young boy several weeks ago to encourage him and his mother told me that he never gets mail and was so excited when my card arrived.  See, such a little gesture but it meant so much.

We aren’t all NBA super stars, winning games and setting fashion trends but we can do awesome things!  Now go, do awesome!!

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