Lists of Me...

I know today is Friday Fill-Ins but I decided to do something a little different!

I follow Hula Seventy and I especially like reading her LISTS as they are fun and informative!  Recently she went with a list of things she is currently obsessed with and it sounded fun so I thought I would play along.

Have a  blessed day!


1. Finding the perfect ankle boots
2. Timers on my lamps
3. Tarte Concealer
4. Jack Reacher novels
5. Fig scented soap
6. Nickelback
7. Grilled salmon
8. My new necklace from Live Wire Jewelry
9. Getting to bed before 11PM
10. Getting used to wearing my hair down
11. First Take on ESPN
12. Spark
13. My new cell phone wristlet
14. Making and sending mail art
15. Preparing to attend CHA in Anaheim in January
16. My new Moleskine planner for 2014