Friday Fill-Ins... we go!

1. Old me would eat that and call it cheating a little; new me would not sacrifice months of hard work.

2. I am impressed with young people who take responsibility for their actions.

3. So...I shouldn't make a big deal over the fact that my fantasy football team beat the only kid's team in our league. I am tempted, especially after he walked by me on Sunday morning and said, "You're going down!"

4. Fig scented soap is a favorite of mine right now?

5. The big difference between me and my husband is that he is an extrovert and I am an introvert!  They say opposites attract and we balance each other.

6. Falling into a comfortable bed at night with my soft pillow and cool sheets makes me happy.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to going to the FrightWorks Haunted House with my brother-in-law, tomorrow my plans include attending the UT football game and Sunday, I want to visit friends at church that I have not seen in some time!