Introducing The 1:2 Project...

I am so excited to announce a new project that I am launching in 2013 called The 1:2 Project. I believe we all have God given gifts and talents and through the years I have looked for opportunities to bless others with mine. As many of you know, I closed my Art Goods Shop last October to follow my heart and focus on my passion.  This decision was made following a summer mission trip to Romania.  While I can't travel throughout the year in that capacity, I have found a way to encourage and bless the lives of others in a different way. The 1:2 Project merges my love of creating and my desire to reach and touch the lives of people I do not know. It is the simple concept of showing kindness "one to another." 

So, how does it work? 

Do you know someone who could use a little encouragement, a note to lift their spirits or a handmade piece of mail art that might bring them some joy?  During the first week of each month I will post to my blog, requesting nominations for people you would like added to The 1:2 Project for that month.  I will randomly make selections each month and those individuals will receive a little something from me. It is that simple!  Here are the details:

How Do I Make a Nomination?

Send your nominations to The 1:2 Project

Nominations will not be accepted via blog comments. Please include the following information only when sending me your e-mail:

1. A short description of why you feel this person would be a good candidate.

2. The first name of this person.

3. Your name and e-mail address.

When Can I Make a Nomination?

Nominations will be accepted between the 3rd and 7th of each month. I will post to my blog on the 3rd of each month as a reminder.

Who is Eligible?

The project is open to anyone you would like to nominate. There are no restrictions on where this person lives.

Will They Know I Nominated Them for the Project?

I do not plan to include that information.  In fact, I have created mini cards with The 1:2 Project logo that will be included in the package but no other information will be provided. I want to keep this as anonymous as possible.

Will You Let Me Know if My Nomination is Selected?

Yes, I will let you know.  Once selections are made, I will contact you for the mailing address of the person you nominated.  Please do not provide their address in your nomination e-mail to me. Thanks!

What Will You Send to My Friend or Family Member?

This will vary based on what type of art I am creating during the month.