Random Thoughts & Journal Progress...

•So, yesterday I was driving behind this slow moving car.  I tried to be patient but ultimately decided to pass the car and as I did I noticed that the lady driver had a book spread over her steering wheel.  Yes, she was reading a book while she was driving. Really?!

•I'm not sure about your pharmacy but at mine you just walk up to the counter to get your prescription and there is no "wait behind this sign" kind of organization.  So, just a reminder that if you are waiting for someone else to get their prescription be thoughtful enough to step back from behind that person and give them some privacy as they have to verify their address, phone number and prescription.

•I finally got started on my Romania journal this past weekend.  I have so many photos and ephemera that I had to narrow it down to a manageable collection.  I had mixed emotions as I started thumbing through the photos, missing my new friends! 

Have a  blessed day!


Isn't this the cutest little paper clip? My friend got it at Anthropologie.