Portrait Progression...

Yesterday I shared with you several of my first attempts at sketching and painting faces.  I promised to share one today that is my favorite so far.  I took a few pictures while I worked so you can see the progression.  I started with a page in my small spiral journal. I keep this journal near me while I work so I can clean brushes on its pages. I have found that I like beginning a face on a piece of paper that already has paint/ink on it.

Have a  blessed day!


I began by sketching the face with a pencil and then outlining it with my Stabilo. Next, I scribbled in the eyes and mouth with my oil pastels and then added some white gesso to the face.

In the next step, I added more crayons, acrylic, white paint and pencil scribbles.

I added her hair with my Stabilo and black oil pastel.  I also decided after this step that the lips were too big and needed to be modified.

In this last step, I made the lips smaller, enhanced the eyes a bit and added a few more scribbles.