Mutants and trying scary things...

Perhaps you read a little over a week ago about my creative dry spell and how I might never ever be able to create anything ever again...that's a lot of "evers."  Anyway, I was working in the studio last week and I like to listen/watch movies or television while I work.  I know that may be a little weird but music just doesn't do it for me.  On this day, I was watching I Am Legend which is about humans mutated by a virus meant to cure cancer.  If you have ever seen it, you know the mutants are quite creepy. I am not sure what prompted me to do it, but I grabbed some inky paper, pencils and paint and began to sketch and paint a face.  As you can see from the sample, it is not perfect, which is not what I was striving for.  In fact, I really like abstract faces that are not perfect and even a little weird. I certainly have much to learn and have enjoyed giving it a try so much that I plan to keep practicing.  I am posting my first faces because I want you to see my progress.  I want you to consider trying something new and scary.

After painting the scary face man, I pulled out Layered Impression by Katie Kendrick.  I like her imperfect style and she has some great techniques.

Tomorrow I will post a new face, the one I like the best so far and give you some thoughts about the process.

Have a  blessed day!