Projects - Studio Makeover

Hello everyone - Sandi Keene here.

Roben-Marie is going to try to put together another post of her adventures this weekend so I am filling in until she has free time AND wi-fi.

I have been busy in my room and wanted to share with you some of the projects that have made me smile once in place in the room. I am nearly finished with the makeover and the changes are pretty dramatic.

Choosing to re-do my room during the time that Target has been featuring college dorm items has made shopping very easy (too easy in fact!). I found this cool dry erase frame in the perfect color. Luckily for me aqua/turquoise/teal is one of THE colors for back to college this year.

I popped in a recent doodle/watercolor piece I did and then opened my Pinterest board for quotes and in a few minutes I had a fun accessory that reflects me. I can change it whenever the mood strikes by popping in a new piece of art and another quote, doodle around the frame or just a to-do list.

I found this collage frame (yeap, Target) that allowed me to create a collage but hang it with just two nails rather than do the math of hanging a group of small frames, which was my first misguided idea.  After patching a slew of holes in my freshly painted walls, I decided that this was a much better solution. Having an enormous stash of scrapbook paper allowed me to quickly gather six patterns that were just right. Done!

This mirror was another opportunity to customize an accessory to match the room and reflect my style which was a primary goal (my old room just didn't feel like me). The bottom openings are for photos but I decided pieces of my art was a better choice. I cut these out of a large piece I had made in a Traci Bautista/Strathmore class.  The mirror still looked a bit plain so I added the white letters on top. Now I am happy with it.

These storage cube/ottomans were also in the dorm section. My friend, Rae, had challenged me to find a way to bring a window seat into the room.  Storage and seating was a win-win in my book.  This seat calls to me whenever I enter the room and it is usually where I sit just to enjoy the room and celebrate my progress.

This folder rack is one of my happy places. It was originally black but I spray painted it white for the re-do (I am on the 4th can of white spray paint). Roben-Marie uses them as a drying rack for wet pages. I do that as well as just love to organize things in them.  I have several as I find them at thrift stores for a buck all the time and can't pass them up.  What if I have art friends over and they need one too?! It goes with my pitcher obsession - can't pass those up either at the thrift store.

Speaking of thrift stores, when I spotted this handmade vintage tool box hidden behind a kids' toy I literally squealed.  The fact that someone had put something else in front of it was The Only Reason it was still there on half price day. Even the lady at the register said if she had seen it, she would have snagged it.  It was meant to be mine.  $3 and half a can of spray paint and it is organization heaven! I love that it has a small shelf in it with holes cut in for screwdrivers and small hand tools - perfect for rulers, scissors, exacto knives, bone folder and a brayer. Thank you to the craftsman who made this beauty. I just wish I knew the story behind it.

My room is almost complete. The closet in the room needs to be painted. It is going to be a big job emptying it out. I will need both my husband and son home at the same time to move the dresser and bookcase. I am hopeful that will happen this weekend and then it will be completed - woo hoo!

Thanks for letting me share my projects!