News from Roben-Marie!

Hello Friends!

Just a quick post, via my friend, Sandi.  First, I want to thank her for sharing the studio re-do project with you.  What perfect timing!

We made it to Romania and are doing well. During our first full day we worshipped with the local congregation.  We sang in English while the others song in Romanian.  Some people spoke English so that made things easier. I thought the singing sounded nice in both languages and then We had a Hungarian meal with two local families in the Sugas Valley.

Monday we had to register with the Immigration Police and change our money and got a little tour of the main part of town.

After lunch we began working with our readers.  We meet with someone new each hour with a break for lunch and we end at 7:00pm.  The people here are very friendly and gracious. I am currently reading with eight people and will have someone new next week.  Most speak English at some level.  I have a few that read very well but struggle with conversation.  I have a very sweet man who tries very hard to communicate and wants so much to learn.  Everything is a victory.  His eyes get really big and he smiles big when he finally understands. I always feel like giving him a big hug at the end of our sessions.

On Tuesday we visited then air market for fresh fruits and vegetables.  I was thrilled to find bananas at one table. I hope you enjoy the photos.  Shopping is a bit difficult because we don't know the language.  The only brand names I have seen are Coke, Twix and Snickers...see the connection?  We did finally find a larger grocery store that had a better selection...yeah!

We went to the theatre on Wednesday night to support a fundraiser for a local teen who has Cancer.  Tonight we are hosting our first party for our readers, their guests and the local church.  We decided a luau would be very American.  We brought the decorations with us so we have that covered.

We baked the cupcakes today...old gas oven and directions for baking the cupcakes in Hungarian.  We managed and they taste pretty good. 

That's all for now! :)