Colors and Progress

This is the painted room (Thank you for commenting and requesting more photos, Vicki!) This wall is still in progress as I will put things on either side of the magnetic board which is my inspiration/mood board. Right now I am being inspired by the clean appearance of it and all the white! That will change soon but for now it is a good reminder for me of my goal. Clean, light, serene and refreshing.

The wall color is a bit darker than it is photographing. It is definitely a sorbet color. Think a pale aqua Jordan almond and you are on the right track.

Here is my stamp wall with all my stamp shelves spray painted white. I like them MUCH better this way. The lamp (from Target) is adding great light. In keeping with Rae's advice, I have added 3 lamps and a hanging lamp for additional light.  The results were jaw dropping. I just can't believe how different the room feels! It one thing for it to look brighter and softer but it feels so welcoming. My husband says the room feels "homey".

Here's a before shot with gold/brown walls - somebody tell  me why I did not repaint these walls five years ago when I moved in?! The all white shelves make the stamps the focus and present a united front. I am loving it.

Progress is being made but I am F A R from finished. The rest of my house looks like a tornado went through as this project has exploded into the living space. Like Vicki,my dining room table is covered as is my coffee table which became project central for the re-do. Where do you craft when you are crafting your room? Eek!

If you have any great tips or are drooling over a pictures online of a studio, please share them with us. I love a great conversation!

And in Roben-Marie news - I got to talk to her yesterday and she is doing great. She will be sharing news and photos with us soon.