From Pinterest to Reality

Pinterest is a great place for inspiration. When I saw a heart made of vintage spools of thread, I knew it was a project that I had to do more than just pin!

I knew I wanted it to fit in a standard 8 x10 frame so I started by cutting a piece of white card stock to 8 x 10.  Then I found the center of the paper and made guidelines.

Then I sorted through my stash of vintage spools. I had gathered these from thrift stores for as little as 10 cents per spool.  I prefer wooden spools with graphic, aged labels.

I began positioning the spools on top of my guidelines. I filled the entire heart before I started gluing.

Once I had them all in place, I began gluing them.  I used a hot glue gun for quick drying time. A wet glue would give you more time to maneuver and reposition so you can choose which works best for you.

I spray painted a thrift store frame white and adhered my cardstock to the frame backing.  I used double stick photo tabs and lots of them.  Here is Florida we have humidity issues with glue. After a few months your glue just unsticks and your project falls apart so I have to work around that.  You do what works best in your climate.

I decided at the last minute that this needed messy stitching to reflect my style. I pulled it out of the frame and stitched through the cardstock in a messy fashion with a varigated thread.  Stitching around those dimensional spools was quite a challenge! If you want this look too - stitch on your cardstock as a first step!

Now I have a cool art project for my wall.