Art Room Re-Do

Hello! This is Sandi Keene - Roben-Marie's guest blogger and friend. First off, I have heard from Roben-Marie and she sounds great! We all miss her and wish her the very best during her mission trip in Romania.  What an adventure.  I am loving the pictures she is posting on Instagram so check those out.


Meanwhile in a much more everyday life, I am in the middle of a art studio/craft room re-do. My room is an extra bedroom in our house and it has undergone several transformations as I have discovered more answers to the questions of:

  • how does my room function best?
  • how do I best organize it?
  • how much stuff can I put in here before I scream?

My room has its functionality down pretty well.  I am good at organizing and creating systems. What I discovered that my room was missing was - ME! It just did not feel like it reflected my personality as much as I wanted.

So I called in the expert - Rae Missigman.  Her studio was just featured in Somerset Life.  I have visited Rae's studio and it is gorgeous and it looks exactly like her.  And I love it.  Emails flew back and forth as I questioned her on what made her room work so well. 

For more phots, visit Rae's blog and click on "studio" on menu bar

I got great answers.  Things I had never considered like using mirrors and reflective surfaces to bounce light around. To use lots of clear containers as they are much lighter in visual weight than a colored container and your supplies are the focus not the container.  Hmmm - that makes sense.

The first thing I did was paint the goldy brown walls a very pale aqua color called Stillness (Valspar). That was a huge change!

Join me tomorrow for a project that I completed and more progress on my room.