Mixed Media Artist Papers Vol. 1 - A Review

Mixed Media Artist Papers Vol. 1

By: Sandi Keene

Roben-Marie and I have been close friends for 3+ years. This book caused our first argument!

When Roben-Marie showed me the prototype, I looked at each page slowly enjoying the beauty of the papers included. There is something for every project from focal points such as hearts, flowers, circles and tags to inky backgrounds and text based pages.  I knew that this was indeed a treasure. I loved how there was no wasted space and you can use every page and bit. My mind started making a list of the things this could be used for - covering a journal, mail art, gift tags, card fronts, cut out embellishments, art journal pages etc.  Perfect!

THEN Roben-Marie told me it was to rip up and use in collages.  WHAT?!  I stared at her letting the words sink in.  Rip it up and then cover it with paint and ink and my drawings?  Cover the journal pages of my friend, the artist, with paint and gesso - no way, ain't happening, you are NOT asking me to do that, right?  And she was insistent that was indeed what she intended.

After several minutes of arguing back in forth, I acquiesced and agreed that I could use a few of the pages as backgrounds for collages for the Collage, Construct & Affirm Workshop and she agreed that I could save my favorites to use AS IS for projects. And that is exactly what I did.  Now you can see bits of Roben-Marie's papers peeking through my collages for her workshop while the papers are intact in my album cover and mail art.  It is the Best of Both Worlds!

Now we are both happy, problem solved and the book of papers stays on my art table for easy reaching!

Want to see more?  Check out a page-by-page preview HERE!

Coil bound journal by Sandi Keene.

Stitched mail art envelope by Sandi Keene.