A Review of the Chunky Idea Keeper...

A Review of the Chunky Idea Keeper with guest blogger Sandi Keene.

I recently created a Travel Art Kit using Rae Missigman's new online workshop called "The Chunky Idea Keeper." 

If you are not familiar with Rae, she is a repurposing expert.  She makes the most gorgeous bags, jewelry, home decor and art using common everyday items. She has an eye that sees the possibility in things in a way that amazes me.  Give Rae a coffee filter, a paper bag, a scrap of muslin or a bauble and she will think of the most amazing uses for it. My two favorite questions with Rae are:

What is that made from?
Can I buy that?  Please?!

Rae's repurposed goodies can be found in Stampington Magazines, her Etsy Shop and in funky little boutiques in the south.

This chunky keeper is perfect to pack up my must have art supplies for an upcoming trip to the Smoky Mountains.  It was simple to make following Rae's instructions even though my sewing skills are limited to paper. My sewing machine doesn't even know what fabric is! Rae takes you step by step (in video for all of us visual learners!) creating this workhorse so no fears for those of us who are sewing beginners. In a few hours from start to finish, I had the Keeper completed, embellished and filled!

I gathered up my favorite pens, pencils and markers for doodling. It's my latest passion and I love doodling anytime I have a few minutes so that could be anywhere. Now I am ready with paper and pens.

I love that Rae included a "pinning page." I use it for inspiring things I print off my pinterest board or rip out of a magazine. I am ready to try that new flower or pattern whenever I want because I have it with me at all times.

This may be my favorite part of all.

Not only does it hold a supply of watercolor paper but the pocket on the back cover is big enough to hold my Koi watercolor field set.


My Chunky Travel Art Kit is ready to grab and go. At just $14.95, this workshop is a steal!

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