Perseverance & Tantrums...

With a post title like that, you know this is going to be a little deep.  I won't bore you with the details of the scene I made Friday in my studio while I was painting but suffice it to say it closely resembled a child's temper tantrum. If you are a creative person, then you know all too well at times we "hit the wall" or reach a barrier that seems impossible to get through or over. 

I've been taking an on-line course with Flora Bowley called Bloom True.  It is very much out of my comfort zone but I have such a deep desire to learn and create that I knew this was the class for me; that was until last Friday.  Seriously, Flora had been mentioning throughout the course that there would be times when we would be emotionally affected by the process. Up to that point, I was cruising along, trusting the process and feeling no pain.  She couldn't possibly have been speaking to me...I must be the exception.  I had an awesome time painting the day before and was anxious to get in the studio on Friday to paint the next lesson.

As I mentioned before, no details but it didn't go well!  Today, I realize that what happened Friday was part of the process and brings me further along to understanding myself and how I create and express myself. I will have more days like Friday but in the big picture, far more will be thrilling and productive and as I move along this journey, I will make magic happen and each time it will get easier and easier.

When you discover what you fear most, run towards it!

Have a  blessed day!


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