Open your eyes...

I am on a is a bit scary and exciting at the same time.  It reminds me of the first time I experienced a zip line.  I was scared and almost backed out but my girlfriend had me at the front of the line and was going to push me if I didn't make the jump on my own.  I closed me eyes and willed myself to leap.  "Open your eyes," I heard as I began to lean forward.  "You can do it!" "You'll love it!" Those in line behind me cheered me on as I opened my eyes and jumped off the ledge. 

Sometimes risk and reward go hand-in-hand. Putting yourself out there can be scary but facing down those fears is worthwhile.  Put aside those negative thoughts that are keeping you from leaping, open your eyes and hang on for the thrill and exhilaration that awaits you!

How was it you ask?  Did I enjoy the zip line and would I do it again? "Awesome, yes and absolutely!"

Have a  blessed day!