You Can Upcycle That...


A couple of weeks ago I did some cleaning and came across several embellished t-shirts.  I cut off the "good" parts and plan to incorporate pieces of them into some of my mixed media projects. 

Tips for Upcycling Clothing

1. Buttons: don't toss it if it has some great buttons on it.  Be sure to look at back pockets for interesting buttons as well.

2. Trim: look for pretty trims along collars, sleeves or the bottom hem. Ruffles and other trims are perfect for adding to journal covers, bags or pillows.

3. Zippers: cut or tear out zippers and re-use them.  Keep the raw fabric on the zipper for an edgy, messy look.

4. Fabric: that wool sweater can be felted and the fabric used in a number of projects. Be sure to check the wool content and make sure it is 100% wool before felting. Sheer fabrics can be ripped or cut into strips to create closures on journals, bows on packages, etc.

5. Pockets: Like that pocket? Cut it off and use it on a journal cover or inside a handmade purse. A pocket with a buttoned flap would make a great little holder for pens, etc.

6. Garmet Labels: some clothes have colorful and interesting labels.  Cut them out and use them like collage pieces in your fabric projects.

7. Interesting Words or Images: cut these pieces off and consider layering them into another project.  Like that abstract image or that bird? Free motion stitch over it onto a bag, pillow, hat, placemat or even an art quilt.

Thrift Store Finds


I found this DKNY skirt at Good Will for $4 and the front is covered with these beautiful embroidered flowers.


This shirt has nice buttons and pleats stitched on the front.  I have already cut pieces from it and used them in a journal project.  Check it out HERE.