From art to beads...

After posting some images of work I created, I was contacted by Dee.  She asked if she could make some beads from copies of my paintings.  How cool is that?!  Dee makes beautiful paper beads and sells them in her Etsy shop.  Be sure to visit and check them out. Here is a little interview with Dee and the beautiful beads she sent me!  Thanks so much, Dee! :)

Have a  blessed day!


1. How did you get started making paper beads?

"I got started making paper beads in Jr High. We were having a craft fair/contest and I wanted to make something different. I remembered seeing something in a magazine about paper beads so I gave it a try. I made a necklace using waxed linen and paper beads. I ended up getting my picture and a picture of my necklace in the local paper. Many years went by without making paper beads. One day I wanted to dress up some Old Navy flip flops so I googled it and found some done with paper beads. Since I knew how to make them I gave it a try. I stopped by the local bead shop (Garden of Beaden in Upland, CA) for some waxed linen and the shop owner told me I should sell my paper beads. She encouraged me to sell them on Etsy. I have been selling my beads on Etsy for about five months."

2. What inspires you?

"When it comes to making beads, many things inspire me. I think nature inspires me the most because the colors are always perfect. I also enjoy looking at other peoples art for ideas. I love color and working with paper. I  recently started designing bead paper on the computer and painting my own designs. I wanted to make high quality beads that would stand apart from my competition, beads that would last for many years and still be beautiful. I look for unusual colors, patterns and lines that when rolled will produce something truly special. I also am one of the few people who make canceled postage stamp beads and they are very beautiful."

3. Do you make custom beads?

"I do make custom beads and soon I will be adding a listing just for custom orders on my Etsy shop."

4. Tell the readers a little about you...maybe in a few adjectives or just share with us who is Dee?

"Who am I? I am a single mom to twin boys who will soon turn 12, they are my life and keep me very busy. I home school one of my sons because he is Autistic and public school was failing to educate him. I am a very creative person who needs to make things. Creating beautiful things is very important to my spirit of well being. I love beautiful things and my favorite color is purple."

5. Would you like to share a little about your bead making process?

"All my beads are designed, measured, hand cut, rolled and sealed by me.  My beads are made in the U.S.A. and I never use toxic products. They have no bad smell and are sealed on the inside too. If it's paper I can roll it, so anything beautiful can be turned into paper. I use a digital camera, Picasa, and Microsoft Publisher to create bead sheets. I also buy a great deal of paper from Germany because they produce some of the most beautiful paper I can find. Most paper bead makers only seal the outside of their beads but, mine are fully submerged two times in non toxic paper bead sealer."


The art Dee used is shown below.

More of Dee's Work


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Bracelet Three Strand - "Plum Paisley"

Paper Beads Canceled Postage Stamps - Shades of Pink with Melon Ends