Fall Day in the City...

Yes, it is a fall day but I am not in the city and I am still wearing shorts and flip flops!  So, I am actually dreaming of a fall day in the city! The weather is very weird this time of year in Florida and as much as I want to wear jeans and scarves, it is just too hot.  I was in Tennesee last week and it was nice a chilly.  My sister and I ventured downtown for Knoxville's First Friday.  We had dinner at Cafe 4, listened to some live bands on Market Square and shopped at some favorites, including Bliss!

One thing I noticed from a fashion stand-point was lots of people wearing leggings and knee boots! I am now on a mission to find the perfect pair of boots!  Not sure I will have the courage to wear a pair of leggings, one of those fashion items I swore I would never wear!  "Never say, never!"

Fall Day in the City


Four things on my mind today:

•In search of the perfect pair of boots!
•The opening of Breaking Dawn this Friday!
•Craving homemade macaroni and cheese!
•The last few chapters of Steve Jobs that I need to finish reading!
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