A Special Rae of Light...

I continue to be amazed at how God works in my life.  One way is through the relationships I have forged over the years with special artist friends.  Last month I met Rae and instantly felt connected to her through her art and gentle, humble spirit. 

I want you to meet Rae as well, so today she is my guest! Not only will you get to know her better, but she shares her art, a fun tutorial and a giveaway!  Visit Rae's blog and Etsy store: 

Le Marche Francais {Etsy}

Notes from the Tincture Lab {Blog}

Have a  blessed day!


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What does art mean to me?

Art is an atmosphere. It is what I surround myself with - more than a painting or sculpture, it is a constant state of living within art. My entire home is a testament to art...the way fruit is arranged in a white bowl, how many tulips in the antique watering can, the staggering heights and colors of books on my shelf. Art is a compilation of colors and textures and collections that I spatter my life with...a cabinet piled high with assorted colors of wool, a smooth glass top table, littered with last summers seashells...a single photograph, a dozen tiny masterpieces on the refridgerator door. A family painting, a hand hooked rug. A refinished table, a thrice painted childs' stool. A vintage pillow, a modern sketch. A palette so rich, so eccentric, so alive - my life is art.

Why do you create art?

It's an addiction of sorts. An obsession. A tiny seed of an idea that grows to great proportions, taking my mind with it - . In the end, each project, great or small, grand or failed, is a release. Art relieves me, lifts me, enlightens me.

What is your art?

I make fun of myself...a jack of all trades, master of none.

I felt and dye and tinker with sewing...I scrapbook and make collages, and love anything floral. I love photojournalism beyond words and the art of letter writing. If I can make it with my hands, it is for me. I was born of another era...a time when we created all we needed...but I truly love the dyeing of textiles, particularily wool and have forged a deep respect for our ancestors, the creators of great masterpieces in wool rugs and wall hangings. I love the hunt for a great weave, a strange plaid, a bold print...I love the bleeding of old colors and the marbling of new ones. I love the scent of the vinegar setting the dye, an old clean smell. The smell of our heritage. I love the felting and stripping, and finally the creating...the hooking of a pattern into a heirloom, a keepsake for all time. 

Do you have a certain style?

I don't think I really do - I tend to lean toward the "vintage,shabby" venue, but can also be drawn to a modern relief when the colors call me...I feel like the manner of art dictates what style I will create with, rather than one style dictating what art I create...does that even make sense?

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I think inspiration for my art strikes at random...it could be the way a bird in perched on the bath that morning, or the way the light falls on the window sill that calls attention to some art form. I have never relied much on physical inspiration, i.e., magazines or digital posting boards...but rather a vintage apron in an antique shop will inspire a scrapbook page or a new flower for my growing textile collection...an arrangement of books may inspire a background for a new rug, the dusky rose of an evening sky the inspiration for a new batch of dye.

What do you need to get creative?

I need so little TO GET CREATIVE - but once I start, the simplest of ideas can quickly turn into a colassal project...I seem to have this uncanny way of adding "just one more trinket," "just one more color," "just one more row of stitching," "just one more flourish, one more bead, one more photograph, one more, one more, one more..."

I LOVE TO HAVE MUSIC on when I create...I am a lover of all music and my mood as well as the project can often command the genre of music that is streaming on my ipod...and yet....  there are times when the sweet sound of silence is what my heart longs to hear. I tend to get so involved that I forget that it was lunchtime two hours ago, and while my creative side will be sated at the end of a long day of creativity, by body will be starved for nourishment!

Do you have a favorite place to work?

I am so blessed to have a creative studio - home to my daily expressions, yearly projects and a plethora of artistic experiments. I have four beautiful work stations that never sit abandoned or empty, but instead play host to a multitude of undertakings. The true beauty in art is being able to walk away from the blueprint, take a breather...so often, when we cast a fresh eye upon the matter, it spirits new design, sheds new light on the task...my studio has made all the difference in not only where create, but how I create.

Do you have a favorite piece of art? Why is it your favorite?

As silly as it sounds, I can not pinpoint ONE singular piece of art that I love more than others...I love so many things, so many different types of art, that it would be unimaginable to try to choose just ONE thing. I think I covet my collection of children's sculpture & paintings more than any one valuable piece that I own...for sure this must be my "one thing" right now. When I look upon these pieces I see my children come alive in them...each individual personality breathes life into these artful images. It is amazing how much an inanimate object can actually excude something of each of us. I love the dimension and color and style that entices a child. I love their bizarre self assurance that is so evident in each of their creations. I wish we could hold onto that for all time. I wish could remain that true to our nature forever. This is my favorite art for certain.

Rae's children are following in her footsteps!  From paintings to sculptures, they certainly show artistic talent!


One of my favorite blog posts by Rae!

What Matters Most...

It is the view from behind that will often grip the heart  the tightest...
...my collection of photos that depicts my family from behind has grown to enormous proportions. While sifting through them recently I realized with great surprise that I could tell with perfect certainty what each child was feeling without ever seeing their face.
It never fails to amaze me when a photo speaks to us, but it was a refreshing change to see that this was all possible while looking in life's "rear view mirror."

One day, in the not so distant future, my children will slowly start to leave the proverbial nest...and when that happens I want to remember with absolute clarity, that last childhood memory, "viewed from behind."



Now let's do a giveaway!  Rae has kindly donated three bags of her Cuttings Collections.  Yeah!  Just leave a comment here and in a few days, three names will be selected to receive these beauties!