Blog Award...

I received The Versatile Blogger Award from my friend, Roberta! She is one of the amazing art friends I have made through blogging!!  :)

For this award I have too...

1.) Thank the person who gave me this award...thank-you, Roberta!  You are very thoughtful! 

2.) Share seven things about myself...I once rode a camel; I don't like wearing shoes; I am addicted to Burt Bee's Lip Balm; I have to sleep with a fan; my favorite color is green; I make amazing made-from-scratch brownies and my favorite movie is Pride and Prejudice.

3.) Pass the award on to bloggers who I have recently discovered (or inspire me ;) and I think are fantastic (in no particular order), then contact the bloggers I have picked and let them know about their award.  So

here are some...

Happy Together

Ruffles and Stuff


Have a  blessed day!