I lost a friend this week.  His name was Harry and he was a sweet and gentle spirit with a joyful heart. He celebrated his 103rd birthday in March. I will miss him!

I spent some time in Charleston this week visiting family.  We spent some time thrifting and I found some sweaters for felting and sheets and clothes for sewing.

I was also gifted with a Baby Lock serger by my mom's husband.  I am thrilled, but need to figure out how to use it now! :)

Have a  blessed day!


Sheets found while thrifting in Charleston.

Pillowcases found while thrifting in Charleston.

Sheet and tablecloth found at Goodwill while thrifting.

Sheet and pillowcases.  I love the ruffle on the white one and the other has some beautiful embroidery on the edge.

Layered, ruffled skirt.

Linen skirt with colorful floral pattern.

Funky floral skirt.

This is a portion of the embroidery on this linen skirt.  I was thrilled to find this at the bargain price of $3.69! 

Felted wool sweaters in beautiful colors!!  I found these at a bunch of Goowill stores in Charleston.

More felted sweaters.  It took hours to felt all the sweaters I found as some had to be washed twice to get them to felt.  What a fun process as each sweater felted so differently. I found that Old Navy and Banana Republic  both make a wool sweater that felts quite nicely.

My "not so new" new Baby Lock serger!  Can't wait to learn how to use this baby!!  :)