Art Retreat Day 2 & 3...

The last two days have been quite busy in Los Gatos!  Ronnie and I spent most of the day on Friday painting the pages for our journals.  We learned techniques using modeling paste, gesso, gel medium and more! Creating the pages involved adding a lot of layers and it was exciting to see the changes as we progressed!  Ronnie and I hiked through the mountains that evening and it was beautiful!  It was early to bed and up at 7AM on Saturday for more creating!  

Saturday was spent finishing the layers on our journal pages followed by the creation of our journal covers.  The technique involved painting images and was the primary reason I took the class.  It was slow going, but I kept at it and tried to block out that inner critic. With encouragment from our instuctor, DJ Pettit, I ultimately completed my covers and was thrilled with the results.  {I will show this when the whole thing is finished!}  Saturday evening Ronnie, me, Susan {Virginia} and our newest friends Leah {California} and Gena {Washington} rode down the mountain, which is a scary ride in the dark, to Starbucks!  I have not laughed so hard in a long time!  Did I mention it was raining, too!  The coffee kept us up for a while and a large group of  us worked into the night on our projects! Oh, and the same coffee I get in Florida is $1.25 cheaper here in California!  What gives? :)

It is now Sunday and I need to get back to work!  More to come!!

Have a blessed day!



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