Felted Pouch...

I have been collecting and felting wool sweaters for a year now and I have been a bit intimidated to make much with them.  I decided to set aside my fear this week and make a little pouch for a friend.  I was also unsure of how to add a lining but I gave that a go as well.  I am happy with the results and learned some things in the process.

Have a  blessed day!


This pouch was made from a brown sweater that I felted in the washer.  The handle is made from the edging of a vintage tea towel.  The decorative flowers were cut from a small bag I purchased at The Dollar Tree. 

The lining is made with linen fabric.

I hand stitched the flowers and buttons to the front of the bag.

I made a gift bag for the pouch using green sewing pattern paper.  To coordinate, I stitched a flower to the top of the bag.