What's on My Art Table...

My dining room table is serving as my work table right now.  There is stuff all over the place...fabric, papers, threads and tons more! The pile just keeps growing as I am working on several things at once. I just push the pile out of my way and keep moving.  What fun!

Have a  blessed day!


Fabrics, including some new ones I got this past week on a Quilt Shop Hop!  I also bought some of these on Etsy from Dandy Girl Designs.

Papers, tags, lace and much more!  Thanks, Nancy for some of these lace pieces and envelopes!

Folded pages that I am just finishing up as part of MA's Remains of the Day class.  I have a few more things to sew onto to the pages and then they go into my book!!!  Black leg in the middle of the shot is my tripod, which is set up to record my first class!

Messy area behind my sewing maching!  Thread box, papers and stickers.