Art Goods Shop...

I just can't wait any longer!  Here is the introduction to my Art Goods Shop!  I have so much more to add, but those items will have to come in time. 

You know that I love mixed media, art journaling, book making and more!  So, I bring to you offerings of my own artwork, prints, postcards, greeting cards, journals, on-line classes, kits and supplies that I find I can't do without in my own endeavors!

I created a video to introduce the store!  Enjoy!

Have a  blessed day!


Note: The video will take a few seconds to being once you click play.  Also, if you have trouble watching, as embedded video sometimes just don't work, link direct to the video HERE.  Thanks!

Videographer's (that's me) Notes: I tried out a new tripod for this video and didn't realize the camera shadow is visible. I also see lots of light reflections from the bright bulbs above me. Sorry about those! :) Why does she keep saying, "so forth?"