Bursting With Ideas...

Well, I am back from our beach get-away and I am very rested and super inspired! It is amazing how a little rest and relaxation will rejuventate the soul! I have a bunch of ideas running through my head and I want so much to drop everything and get to work creating! First things first, as they say! So, I am posting three new photo freebies for you to use. Click on the image to be taken to the download page.  See Terms of Use Here.

I hope to have a new video posted soon! I have an idea that I am mulling over for creating a journal. I need to create one first and then if it works, I will make another and record a video how-to! I hope to get to that soon!

I want to thank everyone who commented or sent e-mails to me directly about the tag video and tags! I really appreciate all the feedback!

Also, my new and revised Art Goods Shop is almost ready to go live!

Have a blessed day!