The One I Choose...

I own a pair of perfect black slides that I wear during the winter months in Florida. I have had them for many years and they are my favorites and I love them. Each year I have to buff them a little as they are not as shiny as they used to be. The insole is lose in the right shoe and I have to glue it back down from time to time. I also spray the insides with Lysol to freshen them up a little. They are comfortable and they are the perfect height for me. Each season I am tempted by the window displays at my favorite shoe stores as I search for another "perfect" pair! Sometimes I even buy a new pair, but they usually end up in the back of the closet. These "old" shoes are the ones I choose over any other.

Today I celebrate my 20th wedding anniversary! Don't get me wrong, my husband isn't an old pair of shoes and I don't look for a new man in the winter. Simply put, he is the one I choose...each day!

My husband brought me breakfast in bed this morning! What a treat!

Thanks, dear for being my best friend!

Have a  blessed day!