Separated Love...

I had a great time at Sandi's yesterday for what she called, "Ugly Art Day!"  She is a traditional scrapbooker and wanted to get out of her comfort zone and try something messy or "ugly" as she calls it.  I cut some Bristol for us to work on at about 19" x 15" and the goal was to try at least 10 different techniques on our mixed media pieces. I completed ten and Sandi did twelve.  I was inspired to complete the piece as part of my homework for an online class I am taking with Dina Wakley.  It is called Art Journaling 102 and it is currently in archive, but can be taken anytime.  I highly recommend it!  See HERE for details!

Have a  blessed day!


Separated Love ~ Mixed Media on Paper, 19" x 15"

Techniques: textured gesso, color wash, stenciling, sanding, splattering of paint, collage, sewing, doodling, text and monoprinting.

 Sandi's Mixed Media Piece