An Award and Two RAKs...

I feel very blessed today as I just received two RAK's in the mail. Thank-you so very much, Dawn and Diane for the lovely treasures! I truly appreciate it!

Have a blessed day!


This lovely fabric piece came from Dawn in New York! She sewed a card to the back on which to write a message and don't you just love the stitched envelope with the cool label!? Love 'em!

This beautiful journal was made by Diane from Florida! It is made of fabric with quilted pieces sewn on. The spiral journal on the inside tucks into the covers of the fabric cover! The mail art packaging looks like a stenciled folder!! Yum!


Thanks so much, Lula for this Blog Award!

The rules for this award is to pass it on to four other blogs and leave them a comment to let them know. My choices are all new artitst that I recently discovered:

1. Kelly: I love her photography!

2. Wyanne: super cute paintings!

3. Carmen: awesome mixed media!

4. Martha: multi-talented and love those stitched flowers!

Ladies, pass the award on to four other blogs you love!