Hooked on Mail Art...

I am so hooked on mail art!  I've been stenciling envelopes and stitching others with scrapbook papers, file folders and ribbons.  What fun!  I created a video showing a very simple way to create envelopes of your own!  Grab those scrapping papers, ribbons and get busy!  If you would like to see the video in a larger format and higher quality, click HERE! I don't know why, but when videos are embedded, they tend to jump on the audio side.  If that drives you nuts, click the previous link or click on the Vimeo logo to go right to the video.

Have a  blessed day!


Viewing tip: click play and then pause and wait for video to load before hitting play again.

This envelope was made from an old LP folder. I stitched around the edges and added the ribbon at the closure like in the video.

The above envelope and the rest that follow are white catalog envelopes that have been stenciled with spray paint.  I folded the flap down and then stitched up the sides!