A Brilliant Storm and an Awesome Power...

Other than the heat, I love this time of year when the afternoon thundershowers move across the state of Florida.  The sound of thunder is loud and the sky becomes dark so fast, you would think nightfall was upon you.  Moments before the clouds open up, there is a calm that is hard to describe.  When I was younger we would gather on the carport and sit on the hood of the car to watch the infamous South Carolina electrical storms sweep across the sky!  It was magical and brilliant and I would get so caught up in the awesome power of  that display.  If you ever read A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle when you were a kid, then you know what I mean.

And so it is..right now!   I instinctively duck down a little even while I sit here typing as the thunder is booming and that crack of lightening seems as though it struck within the boundaries of my front yard.

...and I am feeling peaceful!

Have a  blessed day!