On My Mind Today...

•I am loving Facebook, but it is very time-consuming!  I was even "found" by a fellow Girl Scout from grade school and many other fiends I have not had contact with for over 25 years!  Very cool!

•Twitter is confusing, but I am trying to figure it out!  Life is now measured in 140 characters!

•Just finished browsing through and marking projects to try in Kelly Rae Roberts' book Taking Flight!  I highly recommend it if you enjoy mixed media!

•First day of fitness boot camp today was a lot easier than the first one the first time.  Say that three times fast!  LOL!

•I love my new Blackberry Storm.  It is a great for e-mailing,  texting and the internet, but it stinks as a phone!

•Will it be Adam and Kris, Kris and Danny or Danny and Adam?

•I'm wondering just how Peanut Butter with Asian Curry Spice tastes?

•Can the computer mouse go bad as mine is wigging out!

•Why does my hair have more body when it hasn't been washed in two days?

•Glad the afternoon thunder showers are back in Florida. I love the sound of thunder!

•I sure hope they bring back Lie to Me!  Love that show!

•Found this very cool handmade shop called Lollishop!  Check it out!

•I never buy those cheesy items sold through TV commercials, but I did buy a PedEgg and it really works!


Have a  blessed day!