Sea Sponges & a Prophecy @ The Lucky Dill

Our first full day at the beach was spent sunning in Clearwater and then driving North of Tarpon Springs to sightsee and look at property.  Hubby is really in his element while tracking down bargains.  Anyway, we stopped for lunch at this New York Style Deli restaurant, and I mean NY style.  If you have ever been to NY and eaten in the restaurants there  you know the tables are "very" close together!  We are so used to our personal space in the south, but there, you might as well be eating with your neighbors.  Which brings me to the prophecy.  There were two ladies seated next to us and during our meal one of them says that God told her to tell us that Bobby, my hubby, is going to experience a job change.  She told us that we were meant to sit beside her at this restaurant so she could deliver that message.  She said more, but that was the gist of the prophecy.  Interesting....

Okay, now to Tarpon Springs, which is known for its sea sponges and Greek population. I'm not sure I can describe its waterfront area except to say that it reminded me of the San Francisco Wharf meets a Greek flea market.  The best in Greek bakeries every other store and lots of shops offering sea sponges and things made with and to go with sea sponges!

Here are a few shots of the area: