Identity Theft & Web Finds...

In the summer of 2007 I read an article about "Identity Theft" and then heard Clark Howard, the consumer action expert, discuss it on his show.  It is easy to have a false sense of security, and I was compelled to look into placing a credit freeze on my credit.  Clark Howard defines a credit freeze as:  " of the most effective tools against economic ID theft available to consumers. They allow you to seal your credit reports and use a personal identification number (PIN) that only you know and can use to temporarily "thaw" your credit so that legitimate applications for credit and services can be processed. That added layer of security means that thieves can't establish new credit in your name even if they are able to obtain your ID." 

My husband and I took the time that summer to issue the freeze to our credit. 

Why am I mentioning this?  I feel strongly about this topic and debated whether or not to share my story as it is a rather boring topic, but hear me out.  In January of this year, my husband became a victim of identity theft.  We received a letter from Target indicating that he had tried to open a credit card account, but he had not.  Both of our credit card numbers were stolen and I received a call from a police detective that someone had used my husband's driver's license to rent a car.  Someone created a fake license and tried to pass it off as my husband's.  I share this because we are very careful and it still happened to us. 

Read about this security measure here on Clark's website. He explains exactly how to request a credit freeze and even has sample letters to make the whole process easy.


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