My Heart is Heavy...

I found out today that a friend of mine from as far back as seventh grade died in 2008. He was funny, extremely intelligent, mucially talented and also one of the most complicated people I have ever met.  My heart is heavy today!  Why is it that I feel so connected to the friends I had during that time of my life?  Am I alone in this feeling?  Is it because of how tough it was during those pre-teen and teen years, as we tried to discover ourselves and our place in the world?  Is it that we told each other that we would be friends for life and we truly meant it?  Maybe it is a combination of both!  I am sad because a part of my past is now gone.  Memories I shared with this friend are now mine alone. I found this blog entry he made about three months before his death and wanted to share it.

Have a  blessed day!


Wednesday, July 25, 2008

So. this is my first blog entry. While I have your eyes, I think I can make this experience worth your while by suggesting that if there is someone you love in your life--and I am not just talking about romantic love, it could be the love of a friend, the love between mother and child, or two bankers, whatever--if you love someone, give them a call. Do something nice. Love is all we need, sang the Beatles, but it is also all we really have (of value)--and I say this even though I have an ipod. So, take the hand of the person on the bus next to you and tell them how much they mean to you, how much they add to your life. It won't do you any harm. Keeping it to yourself, on the other hand, can be a real bear. It's like you are the coach of the team during the big game and your "I love you(s)" are time-outs. Don't let the clock run out when you have time-outs in your pocket.

Be the kind of person who says "I love you" easily--that's almost as good as cultivating the rep that you always smell good.

Above all, keep on thinking free.

-Robi Lyle

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