The Night Before Christmas...

I started using the internet about 13 years ago.  I got the standard dial up e-mail account with AOL and was on my way!  I knew I was hooked when I was working on a project for the advertising agency I was working for and needed a copy of The Night Before Christmas.  I found it within seconds on the internet!  The world was at my fingertips and I was amazed. 

Which brings me to this...I am reminded today of how small our world truly is.  I received an e-mail from a lady late last year who had seen my name in Journal Revolution. She wrote to say that she saw my artwork and that I lived in her town.  How nice that another art-minded person should live just down the street.  We agreed to get together after the first of the year.

Today I had lunch with Sandi.  I've read her blog and knew without a doubt that I would like her.  Afterall, we are both Burt's Bees junkies.  We would get along just fine!  So, over two bowls of soup at Panera Bread Company, we chatted about ourselves, our art and this-and-that.  I'm afraid I probably chatted more as I don't get to talk to many people during my work day.  Sandi is very warm and funny, too.  I really like her and see us becoming friends.  She has a studio big enough for more than one and that means I can get together at her place to make stuff!  No, I did not invite myself.  Although, I have been known to do so.  We all want to see where other folks create and "root" around looking at everything.  I feel blessed today to have made a new friend.  Life is good!


On another note, I've been doing the digi thing this week and have a few layouts to share.  Enjoy!

Have a  blessed day!


BABY LOVE by Roben Marie with Merry Love Kit BABY LOVE with Merry Love Kit and photo at Dreamstime

RECEIVE IT by Roben Marie with Merry Love Kit

RECEIVE IT with Merry Love Kit and photo at Dreamstime

ALL WHO MEET YOU by Roben Marie with Merry Love Kit ALL WHO MEET YOU with Merry Love Kit and photo at Dreamstime

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