Unspectacular Quirks...


Was rummaging through some old photos and thought I would share a couple.  This one is of me and my mom on my second birthday.  Cake in bottom left hand corner.  Glad I now wear my dresses over my undies!  :)!

Good Day!  I have been tagged by Denise to share with you some unspectacular quirks about myself. Here goes...

1. I must have clean feet!  I have been known to get out of bed just to wash them in the sink if they don't "feel" clean enough at bedtime!

2. I not only eat the exact same thing for breakfast every morning, but I must eat it the same way as well.  I eat oatmeal that I cook with a few added special ingredients.  I cook it until it is thick and then I put it in a bowl and spread it up around the rim.  I like it cooled off a bit and I eat from the outer edge of the bowl down to the bottom.  The upper rim cools off quicker and by the time I get to the bottom, the temperature is just right!  Weird, eh?

3. This is really no secret, but I must  have lip balm with me at all times.  It is really scary how many tubes of Burt's Bees Lip Balm I have all over the house, purse and car.  I keep one in each room and I sleep with one under my pillow for easy access in the night when my lips get dry.  Now that is weird!

4. I can't sleep without a fan. In fact, I sleep with three at home and I travel with a smaller one.

5. I don't like warm lettuce. 

6. I load the dishwasher in a specific way and prefer to do it myself so everything is loaded just right!

I will do my best to tag some other folks soon!



This is a a picture taken at Christmas in 1977 with my brother and sister.  Check out the plaid pants and big glasses!  UGH!

Have a blessed day!


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