It was Hugh Grant who said, "Whoop-si-daisies!" in the movie Notting Hill.  You know, it means whoops or oops, but in a funny way!  I like it!

Well, with many things in life the oops will come eventually and it has come to me and my website.  I recently made a behind-the-scenes change with my website...the kind that involves DNS Records, Host Headers, Domain Forwarding and the like. Putting it in simple terms, my website is down right now.  I'm sorry to report that there are some links in my menu bar to the right that are not working.  I'm working to get this fixed, so just know that hopefully the links will be back up and running soon.  This has affected links such as the Life Notes Card Shoppe, tutorial videos and slide shows.

I'll post here when all is well!!  I'm off to smell the flowers!!!  :)

Have a  blessed day!


Photo by:  Kathy Bishop

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