What Truly Matters...


I watched an old Alfred Hitchcock movie the other night called Shadow of a Doubt (1943) and there was a line delivered in the movie by one of the characters named Ann that really struck me.  She is talking on the telephone with the operator from the telegraph office, who is calling to give the family a message.  Ann can't find a pencil and proceeds to tell the operator that her mom will have to call back for the message.  She tells the operator, "I'm trying to keep my mind clear of things that don't matter."  I love this!

This got me thinking of all the things that I concern and worry myself with that really don't matter.  A friend of mine, who happens to be retired, told me the other day that one day "these things" won't matter a bit.  He's right, but it is the process of discerning between "these things" to determine which are important and which are not that is the challenge.

So, what truly matters?  Ponder on that...

Have a  blessed day!


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