PiecesBlog We were given a pretty cool homework assignment yesterday in my Digital Imaging class.  In this assignment, we were to select a photo and then "cut" nine pieces from the photo and then experiment with different blending modes and layer effects in PhotoShop to create a totally new image.  Shown above is my finished piece and below is the original photo.

This was a lot of fun and I see so much potential here for some great designs!  Why not give it a try and see what you create!

Pieces2Blog Photo by:  Kasia Mular Download here.

Got tagged by Sarah this week to write a Haiku Memoir.  Here are the guidelines:

1. Write the title to your own memoir using 6 words.
2. Post it on your blog.
3. Link to the person that tagged you.
4. Tag three more blogs.

This was a bit of a challenge, but here is mine:

If On Time, Then I'm Late!

I'm tagging:  Linda, Beth, Sherry,

Have a  blessed day!