Costume Jewelry Anyone...

I was reading Ro's blog the other day, which you must check out!  She was tagged on May 17 and had to share several things about herself.  One thing she mentioned is this:

"I have a box of costume jewelry that I don't like or wear, but I'm afraid to throw it out, "just because...." Just because I may want to wear it if there is a nuclear war and I want to approve my appearance with old, groady-looking costume jewelry? Yeah, right."

This made me laugh as I, too, have a huge box full of costume jewelry that for some reason I won't part with.  I thought it would be fun to share mine with you!  Some of these earrings are 3.25" inches long!  I was an 80's child and have a ton of these huge earrings that went with my big hair!!  LOL!!


Have a  blessed day!