Making a Turn...

Today is a good day!  There is a slight breeze outside and the sun is shinning brightly.  I am blessed and happy to be alive!  I have been a bit absent for a while.  Not much in the mood to write or share.  I feel I have made a turn and glad to be back!

•My friend Sarah Fishburn has been messing the Photoshop brushes and she is very hooked!  You must visit her blog to check out her work.  Also don't miss out on the latest issue of  Pasticcio Zine.  I'm not saying this because there is an awesome review of Paperbag Studios in it, but it is a great zine.  It is published by Sarah and Angela Cartwright.  Get your copy here!

•Thank-you Sarah for your cool shots taken on Photo Booth.  I played with mine a little this morning and here is my contribution...

•Our hummingbirds are back!  It is truly amazing to me how when they arrive we see them hovering outside the dining room window.  It is the same every year..."Hello!  We're back and we want you to hang up the food!"  They are marvelous creatures!

•Heading to the beach this weekend for some needed rejuvenation!  I know I live at the beach, but it is more fun to go to someone else's beach!  I will take tons of pictures to share!

•My latest craving is this:  "a rich, buttery, crescent-shaped roll of leavened dough or puff paste."  In other words, I'm hooked on Target's Croissants.  Help me!!

•I want to give a shout out to my dear friends in Nashville who recently returned from El Salvador. I was unable to go on this year's medical mission trip and I know I missed a great experience.  Welcome home, guys!

•Go Tennessee!  The Lady Vols are National Champs!

•I found this great site for free personal use Photoshop Brushes. Check it out here!

•For all of you stampers out there...check this out!