I've  been tagged by dear Jeanette to share six non-important things/habits/quirk about myself.  This is really funny to me as my husband would say that I have dozens of things I could share!  LOL!!

Okay, here goes:

1. I eat cooked oatmeal with flax seed and wheat germ every morning for breakfast.  That's not the weird part, though.  I like it thick and after I put it in the bowl, I spread it out up the sides of the bowl so it can cool off.  I eat all the oatmeal off the rim first and work down to the bottom, eating in a circle.  Weird, eh?

2. I am addicted to lip balm, Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm to be exact.  I sleep with one under my pillow at night so it is in easy reach!

3. The pillows on my couch have a zippered end.  This is the end that HAS to be down on the couch.  If they aren't placed this way, it drives me nuts!  Can you say O.C.D.?

4. I sleep with three fans; one ceiling fan, a box fan on the floor (mostly for noise) and a small turbo fan that I also travel with. 

5. I don't like wearing shoes.  And when I do, I don't like shoes with a closed toe and I prefer to wear slides, or shoes with no back to them.  I pretty much live in my Reef Flip Flops and since I live in Florida I get to wear them just about year round.  Now, don't get me wrong!  I do wear shoes that fit the outfit.  I will wear the right shoe, but if I have an option it is going to be my flops!

6. I shave my legs everyday and sometimes twice. 


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Have a blessed day!


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