Laughter & Joy Quick Page Freebie...

Thought I would share a Quick Page digital freebie this week.  More are coming soon from Roben-Marie Designs available at Paperbag Studios.  Keep watching for details and more freebies to come!  Enjoy!



Laughter & Joy Quick Page

Designer: Roben-Marie Smith

Quick Page is in PNG format at 300dpi.  Personal and S4H use only.


*Note:  This zip file is not password protected.  If you are using WinZip to unzip, please open the WinZip application first and then unzip the file.


I love this book, 1001 Ways to Relax by Mike George.  I was thinking about the upcoming holidays and how stressful things can be this time of year.  Let me share one of his thoughts for dealing with stress and emotions:

"Take the Optimistic Approach.  According to psychological research, optimists adopt a specific 'explanatory style' when interpreting the events that happen to them, attributing positive events to their own abilities and seeing negative events as isolated instances of bad luck. This approach bolsters self-esteem and peace of mind, giving those who practice it greater resilience and ability to cope with difficult situations."

Have a blessed day!


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