Life It Photos ~ In The Pasture

Loved these beauties!!  Part of Life It Photos group.


Whew!  Finally went to the doctor yesterday to get some medication for this "creeping-crud" that I have had for a week now!  I was finally able to sleep prostrate rather than propped up straight against the headboard.  Who can sleep this way? :( 

Anyway, what is new in my world...well, I have to share how cool blogging and the internet is.  I was surfing one day and ran across the blog Rusted Rhubarb where I saw a picture of a river, which is not  from where I live.  I assumed that the post was made by someone visiting our area and I sent her a comment.  Much to my surprise I discovered that Michelle lives less than 2 miles from me!  We e-mailed a bit and then finally had coffee so we could meet face-to-face.  Michelle is fun and talented and I am so excited to have an art friend down the street!  Be sure to check out her hand-sewn aprons on her blog!  I have seen them up close and they are beautiful! 


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