Got Mail...

I love to get mail!  When I was in college it was the day's highlight as all the students left Chapel and moved like a herd of cattle to the mail room to retrieve those precious connections to home.  I was box 11 and the most exciting thing to find in the box was a slip, announcing that I had a package!  Packages were even better, because that meant  someone had sent me stuff!  As an adult, I still look forward to receiving mail.  I even know the sound of the mail truck as it comes up the street and approaches my mailbox.  Am I bit kooky?  Nah!  I just love getting stuff in the mail! 

Beginning today, I have set-up an e-mail list for  my blog.  Click the image below to sign up!

Make sure you indicate the types of categories in which you are interested so I can keep you informed of those things!!


Have a blessed day!!!


Original photo by brytta