Happy Gam Road Collage

As Seen in Cloth Paper Scissors
November-December 2007

A few weeks ago I woke up thinking “creative” thoughts.  I love when this happens!  The creative thoughts I woke with on that particular morning involved finally using all those window and door photos I took in Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA two summers ago.  My collection is extensive and I had not yet thought of a creative thing to do with them. 

I also woke that morning with the words “Happy Gam Road” in my mind.  I have no idea where that came from or what it means.  I guess you could call it serendipity!  I have decided to call my series of collage on paper pieces The Happy Gam Road Collection.  Each piece features a window or a door from my photo collection and a quote or word reminiscent of “home”.   By getting out of my comfort zone creatively, the result is a series of collage pieces that are colorful and quirky.  In addition, I was inspired to use all those  “under papers” I have been saving.   I use deli paper on my work table and I pour paints onto them, wipe brushes on them, etc.  I have been saving all of these papers to use one day in collage or other projects.  I used these papers for the backgrounds. 

The Happy Gam Road Collection features eleven whimsical pieces.  I view each one as a “residence” of sorts.  Each with its own unique style and a family who calls it home!


Photos or copies of photos
Old book papers, maps and ledger papers
Scrapbook papers
Assorted acrylic paints
Paint brushes
Deli paper
Black pen
Quotes or words printed onto transparency film
PVA Glue
Bristol 400 Series paper cut to size of desired collage
Rubber stamps


1. Prepare the deli paper by using several pieces as "under papers" while you work on other projects with acrylic paints.  This give the papers a "random" look with a variety of colors and shapes, etc.


2. Using PVA glue, adhere torn pieces of old book papers, ledger pages or maps to one side of the Bristol paper.  Let dry.

3. Select the photo you intend to use.  Based on this, select a piece of deli paper that coordinates with it.  Adhere the deli paper to the collage with PVA and let dry.  Trim edges if necessary.

Hgr3Hgr4 4. While the paper is drying, select random papers that will coordinate with the photo and deli paper.  Measure and cut from this paper a “roof” for the door or window photo.

5. Adhere the photo and the roof to the collage with PVA.

6. Next, add doodles with a black or colored pen, torn pieces of small paper, rubber stamped images, and stencils to the collage.

7. Last, adhere quote or words which have been printed onto transparency film to the collage with PVA or run through a Xyron to add adhesive.



1. Scan and print note cards from your collage.

2. Frame original or a print and give as a gift.

3. Scan, print and tear pieces of the collage to use in other work such as journal pages.

4.  Use a photo of your own home’s front door or windows or better yet, maybe a friend’s home.  What a great gift idea!

Roben-Marie SmithComment