Make Others Happy...


It occurred to me today, with more impact than on other days, that life is good. I know this intellectually, but on some days I am reminded maybe a little more that this is truth by really feeling it in my heart.

What brought this about? I'm not sure exactly, but maybe it was the conversation I had with a good friend, someone who I care deeply for who encourages me and makes me feel good about myself.  Maybe it was the kind gesture I witnessed between a young person and the elderly lady who needed help reaching the highest shelf in the grocery store.  Maybe it was the card I received, offering me kind words for being who I am.  Maybe it was just the thoughtfulness of someone who just said, "thanks and I really appreciate you!"

Maybe it was just that I saw the beauty in giving of oneself, ever so small, to make another person happy.

Mark Twain said, "Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear, and the blind can read."

Find a way this week to do something kind for someone else. Send a card, make a call, help someone in need, or just buy coffee for the person in line behind you!  Find a way to reach out and let me know about it!  I will do the same and post any of my experiences.

Have a blessed day!

Journal Page Elements:
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