Update From Phoenix...

I thought the car was burgundy.  It was sporty and I thought it would be more fun to drive than the white Sentra.  I was correct!  It is more fun to drive, but a black car with black leather interior is not a good idea in the middle of August in Phoenix!

Ronnie and I arrived in Phoenix on Saturday without two of our bags.  We hurried to Wal-Mart to buy PJ's, moisturizer, toothpaste and contact solution.  Our bags finally arrived at 3:00AM Sunday.  Better late than never!

We visited The Paper Studio, which is located in Tempe.  The owners are very nice and the store is loaded with lots of great handmade papers and other goodies!  There is also a great exhibit called The Gorey De Tales, featuring work by Ramona Ashman, Bernie Berlin, Sarah Fishburn, Karen Michel, Celine Navarro, Richard Salley, Sylvia Luna and many more! The exhibit runs from August 4 - September 15, 2007.

Classes have been great and I have been learning a lot!  Extreme Visual Journaling  with Juliana Coles was challenging and rewarding. I also created my first "outsider art" self-portrait with found poetry in a class with Anne Grgich. I used a cut up Federal Express box as the base of the painting.

The words on the bottom left of the painting are cut up words from books. After cutting random words and phrases, I created a poem and glued them to the painting.

More to come!!!
Have a blessed day!